Want to know how to cure spots? Looking to get rid of zits for good?

Spots are the WORST!

You've just reached that age when you start to notice the opposite sex (or the same sex) - then by a cruel twist of fate, your face begins to erupt in a torrent of rampaging pus monsters!

Gone is the baby-soft skin of your pre-teen years, replaced with a decent approximation of Bubonic plague. Some spots are big, lasting a week and threatening to take out small villages when they burst, others are small and inconspicuous, but no-less painful or annoying.

Moreover, there seem to be those lucky souls, the jammy bastards who have all the perks in life you never quite attained, AND they don't have any acne at all! Why, cruel fate, WHY?

Why me acne? Why now?

This is a question that troubled me in my late teens and early twenties. Surely it can't be random chance? Is it inherited? Is it the food I eat? Is it all my hormones? Is it stress? Did I murder orphans in a previous life?

But there were flaws in all of those reasons:

  • Inherited acne - Yes I can accept skin type is inherited from parents, but why do some kids in a family never suffer with zits when their siblings suffer terrible outbreaks?
  • Diet related acne - I'm sure a terrible diet with not enough fruit and veg will give you no end of skin complaints, but scientific studies have shown many times that spots are not solely caused by eating the wrong things.
  • Hormones - Yes, the hormones the surge through our bodies during puberty clearly play a large part in starting the acne, but we all get these hormones so why don't we all get spots?
  • Stress - We've all had that massive pimple appear right before an important exam, date or interview. But equally, there have likely been plenty of stressful occasions that didn't result in a pus-volcano.
  • Previous life misdemeanors - The illogicality of reincarnation is maybe a topic for another time!

I think all of the above (besides past lives) play some part in acne, but none of them seem to hold the whole answer.

Is there a common factor in acne that has been overlooked?

Some questions occurred to me when considering a cure for acne:

  • Why do I rarely see rich or famous people with acne?
    I can't remember ever seeing a member of any royal family with pock marks from past zits, or a carefully disguised eruption covered in make-up.
  • Why does acne seem more prevalent in modern times?
    It's not often I see footage from the 40s, 50s or 60s where a teenager is all spotty and acne-ridden. They can't have just kept the spotty ones locked up!
  • Don't pus and inflammation (gross) imply an infection?
    I know spots start as blockages in the pores, but there must be a common bacteria that targets these blockages.

So, get to the point.... what is the cure for acne?

After years of trial and error I came up with my potential common factor. Pillows!

Wait, what? Pillows cure Acne?

Well, in a manner of speaking - I believe good pillow hygiene practices can contributing greatly to curing acne and helping get rid of spots.

Think about it - you press your face against this piece of material (your pillowcase) for 6+ hours every single night. All the grease, sweat, skin cells and bacteria on your cheeks gets soaked up by your pillowcases, then the next night you press your face back into the same material!

I think we've been looking at the spot problem all wrong. Blockages in pores must happen all the time - its the bacteria that thrive in these conditions that cause inflammation, redness, soreness and pus formation.

If we kill as much of this bacteria as possible, surely pores will have a much higher likelihood of clearing naturally, before they turn into zits.

The Acne cure – 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1
    Use a medicated face wash every day before bed and when you wake up. This eats through grease and kills bacteria better than regular soap. I won't recommend a particular brand.
  • Step 2
    Rotate your pillows every single night. That means turning over last night's used pillow to a fresh side, then when both sides are used, change to a different unused pillow.
  • Step 3
    After all sides have been used once, wash the pillowcases and bedding at 60ºC. This temperature is very important as a lot of bacteria generally can't survive above 55ºC.

That's it! keep up this regime and instead of making it easy on spot-causing bacteria, you will be making it as difficult as possible.

Acne Cure Questions

How to cure acneWhat face wash should I get?
That's up to you - I've used one brand for a number of years. But I'm not going to favour a particular manufacturer right now as they don't pay me!

Why do teenagers get so many spots?
Well along with the hormonal changes as puberty hits, it's also the time most people stop getting their bedding washed regularly by their parents. And teens don't like to use evil contraptions like washing machines!

Can't I wash at 40ºC to save energy? Gotta consider the environment.
I think this is one of the reasons there is so much acne these days - the push towards more efficient, environmentally friendly wash cycles has cut out the best thing that kills bacteria - heat. Stick with 60ºC for bedding and towels.

Why do I never see rich people with acne?
I would guess that more wealthy families can afford a regular maid service. I'm sure royal families have new bedding every single day!

How often should I wash my bedding?
If you suffer from bad acne, the best chance of a cure is to wash your pillowcases after each side is used only ONCE. 4 pillows means 8 sides, so 8 days between washes.

What about the pillows themselves (as opposed to the pillowcases)?
Read the labels on your pillows - if they allow machine washing then stick them in at the recommended temperature about once every few months.

How should the bedding be dried, ideally?
If you can hang bedding outdoors to dry, the UV rays from the sun actually do a great job of killing bacteria. It all helps.

What if this doesn't work for me?
This is free to try - what have you got to lose? Besides, everyone loves fresh bedding! Give it a go and stick to the regime - it worked for me!